Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stray Cat Images, Ghoul Pixel Art, Two New Themes, and Game Play Footage

We're very sorry for the extended hiatus in posting, however, personal and technical issues have delayed work on the game. Having said that, it looks like we're currently back on track and have a couple of new elements of the game to highlight, including new in-game character art, pixel art, two new Mateo compositions and a video of the latest build in action.

First up, we wanted to show off Sara's latest artistic contributions; a new party menu icon for the Stray Cat found in Big Cypress Cemetery, and corresponding dialogue images for use in conversations with Carter.  We all can't wait to see these awesome images brought into the game!

Stray Cat images by Sara Bardi

Next, Spyros redesigned the Bloodlust Ghoul and Ghoul Boss based upon a combination of Sara's previous pixel art (especially the color scheme) and Luis' concept art. As you can see, Spyros did a great job capturing the original spirit of Luis' work, while really making these creatures pop with Sara's excellent color combinations. 

Concept art by Luis Merlo & Pixel Art by Spyros Kontis

Finally, thanks to our programmer Kyle, we have a much improved set of battle mechanics in the side view portion of the game, and he's also created a preliminary party selection menu to allow the player to pick and choose which characters can be used in battle. If you watch the video below, be sure to note two new songs Mateo contributed; a theme for the pause menu and a victory theme that plays after a successful battle.

That's all for now but, from the entire team, thank you very much for being patient and continuing to be interested in our little project. Stay tuned to this page for further updates!