Monday, November 23, 2015

A Narrative Illustration by Sara Bardi and Battle Theme by Mateo

Hello all!  This won't be an overly long post this week but I wanted to show off a couple of major additions to the game from our team.  First, we have Sara's final version of the first narrative panel that will be featured in the introduction to level 1-1.  Each layer of the image can easily be divided from the rest of the composition, so there's a good possibility that we'll be able to somewhat move the individual elements around while the text is displayed at the very bottom of the screen.  Essentially these narrative panels will offer up an exclamation point in terms of major story points, and this image marks the end of a prelude to the level, which focuses on why Warren and Carter have ventured to the Big Cypress Cemetery this evening and what they hope to discover while they're here. 

Narrative Panel by Sara Bardi

Sara has also came up with a game over screen concept sequence (seen below) that might end up being animated, if circumstances permit.  Likely this animation will transition from the first screen, to the second, and then the perspective will focus in on the key breaking as represented in image four.  The concept is definitely not completely developed but I quite like where it's headed so far. 

Game Over Screen concept art by Sara Bardi

The other major addition to the game we wanted people to check out this week is a battle theme Mateo came up with that will be used during side view combat with minor enemies.  As you can hear, the tempo is a bit higher from the level's main theme in order to make the player feel more in peril.  This theme will be repeated until the battle has an outcome, either positive or negative, so you might keep playing the song over and over to get a good sense of what it will be like.  We hope to post a video soon of the latest build with this song included in the game.

That's it for now, but keep your eyes on this space for more images, sounds and footage in the coming weeks.   

Monday, November 16, 2015

Massive Update: New Footage, Pixel Art by Our New Crew Member, Spyros Kontis, Creeping Weed Concept Art by Luis and a Narration Panel by Sara Bardi

Our newest member of the team, Spyros Kontis, has been featured under the Crew section for a few weeks but I wanted to devote the initial portion of this post to his artwork and animation since you'll finally get a chance to see it in action in our latest video.  As you can see from the clip, our game has really developed quite a bit, especially in terms of the mechanics of it (thanks Kyle!).  At this point in the development of the game, Carter can jump, shovel into the ground, fight against enemies in battle, and various other actions. Check out the video to see just what we've accomplished so far.

Currently, our pixel animator Spyros is working on crafting more creatures to populate the 1-1 and 1-2 sublevels, including the ghoul, bat, spider (featured in the video), and cat, as you can see below. 

This week we also have another potential enemy concept image by Luis that will populate level 1-1 and 1-2; the Creeping Weeds.  This dangerous plant will inhabit the periphery of the cemetery, waiting for visitors like Warren and Carter to go off the main paths.  The Creeping Weeds can attack Carter and Warren in the over head screen using it's thorn-clad branches, potentially trapping them in its lethal grip.  I can't wait to see this turned into pixel art!

Creeping Weeds by Luis Merlo

In terms of further in-game art assets, Sara started work on a new concept image that will eventually be rendered as some of the previous in-game art she's posted here and placed into the introduction of the game.  Basically, these narration panels will tell some of the more visual portions of the game's story with large detailed images accompanied with text.   We anticipate that there will be about 2 of these narration panels for every sub-level.  This particular one shows Carter and Warren at the beginning of their journey through Big Cypress Cemetery. 

Introduction Draft Narration Panel by Sara Bardi

Finally, here's mock ups for the PACTS and Scholarship screen that I put together this past week.  Bear in mind that these are early versions of these menus and have not totally been incorporated into the game yet.  Having said that, they give you a good idea what these menus will look like and how they might function.  The panels featured here include pixel art by Spyros and Wojciech. 

Those Lovecraft fans who might have perused the author's numerous letters might recognize the shelf and cat at the top of the scholarship screen since it is based on one of his drawings (featured below).  As I've often emphasized, we'll try and incorporate as many influences from the author as we possibly can into the game and will do our best to draw your attention to them as they come up.  

That's all for this week, however, be sure to continue to check this space to see more developments concerning the game within the coming weeks!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wojciech's Background Pixel Art for Level 1-1

This week we've got some great pixel art to show off by Wojciech that we'll be using in Level 1-1 of the game.  The first image, seen below, is a background that will be featured in the side view encounters the player has with Carter's enemies.  Originally we thought that we would just use the cemetery assets we already had, but it was determined that we should make these battles more visually punchy,  hence the necessity of a new pixel image to cover the background.  If there's enough resources, we may have those creepy red eyes blink and change locations, as well as represent clouds passing over the moon. 

Onto our next pixel asset... Sarcophagi, like the one featured below, will be found throughout the first level within each sub-level.  They will serve as a kind of treasure chest for the player to open in order to discover needed items, or, in some cases, peril. 
The massive gate seen below will be locked at the beginning of 1-1, hindering Carter's progress, and it's up to the player to explore the level and discover the way through.  This will likely involve a run in with a group of hostile spiders who are exiles from the Plateau of Leng in the Dreamlands. Note that the faces bear a similarity to the ghoul featured in the Night Gallery segment, Pickman's Model.
The last two images featured in this update are these crumbling walls lined with pictograms/hieroglyphics featured below.   Such writings will help Carter's research and his ability to communicate with the ghouls in levels 1-2 and 1-3. 
Finally, Wojciech wanted to get in on naming his favorite horror themed books, films and games for Halloween and you'll find his list below. 

Books: First half of "Duma Key" and "The Stand" by Stephen King.

Movies:Tremors (1990), They Live (1988) by John Carpenter, Dracula (1992) by Francis Ford Coppola, and Stalker (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky. 
TV:  Twin Peaks first 7 episodes and some of the X files episodes were fantastic!

Games: Blood, Quake, Fallout 1

That's all for this week, however, our next update will feature that long promised footage of the game and a good deal of pixel animation from our newest member, Spyros.