Monday, September 7, 2015

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Theme by Mateo Romero

As mentioned in the last post, our project now has a composer/sound effects person, Mateo Romero, from Quito, Ecuador, thanks to the tireless efforts of Luis.  Mateo studied music for two and a half years at UDLA (Universidad de las Americas) and is currently studying multimedia and audiovisual production at the same institution.  His primary musical influences include Nightwish, Thomas Bergersen, Jo Blankenburg and Jeremy Soule.  Though he has not previously worked as a composer, rather as a guitarist, he is very much looking forward to performing such a role for this project.  Indeed, he principally considers himself a metalhead and enjoys listening to melodic death metal such as Arch Enemy, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility and Equilibrium. From the entire team, welcome aboard! 

A couple of weeks ago Mateo sent me an early draft of his Dream-Quest theme, a song that we envisioned would play during the opening title screen.  I really enjoyed that version of the song, but his newly expanded iteration of it is much improved and serves to give the player a greater sense of dread and scope. Be sure to click on the following link to hear the entire song: Dream-Quest Theme.

After creating such an inspired work, I think that you'll agree with the rest of the team that we all look forward to Mateo's next contributions to the project!

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