Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dhole/Bhole Concept Art

We don't have a whole lot to show off this week but Luis has come up with a fantastic concept image for the Dhole/Bhole creature found in the Vale of Pnath which can be seen below.  We expect that this creature will largely remain unseen to the player, with only the occasional reveal of its body in order to inflict damage to Carter.

Bhole/Dhole Concept Image by Luis Merlo

As many of you might have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of footage shown of the actual game recently, which is partially because I was so busy preparing for NecronomiCon, but also because I have recently attempted to secure a programmer.  Over the weekend I spoke with a few interested parties and should have a bit of news to reveal very soon that should help speed up our development process substantially.  Stay tuned!

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