Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Game Footage & Sara's Dialogue Art for Harley Warren

As hinted at on my recent posts and Facebook comments, we have now secured a dedicated Game Maker programmer for our project, Kyle Bloom.  Just to let you all know a little bit more about Kyle, this is the bio he sent me to post under our Crew section of the website:

Kyle was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. He has years of experience working with unfamiliar languages, most of them self taught. An RPG fanatic he spends a majority of his time playing or working on projects that have heavy RPG themes. While he hasn't worked on a major project before he has the will and know how to get work done in a timely and effective manner.  

Already, Kyle has done more work on our game within the span of a week than I was able to accomplish by myself over the course of 5 months.  Among the improvements he's coded into the game include:

1) The ability to call Warren towards you or have him remain in one place.
2) The opportunity for the player to place the lantern on the ground, or to pick it up.  The player also can pin the lantern's beam to which way Carter is facing or have it be controlled manually.
3) The creation of a much better way to initiate dialogue.
4) Developed the foundations for a key feature of the game, which is to allow the player to press a button in the overworld in order to initiate a side view battle with any enemies Carter might be in a certain proximity with.  When the player presses select, a circle indicating the radius of the ability appears in order to visual how far Carter has to be in order to initiate these battles.  Kyle has basically established the initial mechanics for how this takes place. 
5) Fixed numerous bugs that were in my programming.  This alone took a great deal of time and Kyle skillfully found a way to correct or override many of my mistakes, making the game much better in the process. 

Below you'll find a video that demonstrates much of the key progress Kyle has made within the game. 

On a final note, I want to thank Sara for coming up with two Harley Warren dialogue images Kyle was able to place in the game, just in time for this video.  You can see both of these below.

Harley Warren Dialogue Images by Sara Bardi

For the first level, the game will have similar dialogue images, for conversation purposes, representing the characters of the Ghoul Boss, the Conjurer Ghoul at the Sabbath, and Nyarlathotep.  Sara did such a great job with Warren's image that I personally can't wait to see her take on these remaining characters. 

That's all for now, but be sure to look for a new post next week with Luis' latest work, and further additions to the side view battle system that Kyle has in store for us.  See you next week!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dhole/Bhole Concept Art

We don't have a whole lot to show off this week but Luis has come up with a fantastic concept image for the Dhole/Bhole creature found in the Vale of Pnath which can be seen below.  We expect that this creature will largely remain unseen to the player, with only the occasional reveal of its body in order to inflict damage to Carter.

Bhole/Dhole Concept Image by Luis Merlo

As many of you might have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of footage shown of the actual game recently, which is partially because I was so busy preparing for NecronomiCon, but also because I have recently attempted to secure a programmer.  Over the weekend I spoke with a few interested parties and should have a bit of news to reveal very soon that should help speed up our development process substantially.  Stay tuned!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Theme by Mateo Romero

As mentioned in the last post, our project now has a composer/sound effects person, Mateo Romero, from Quito, Ecuador, thanks to the tireless efforts of Luis.  Mateo studied music for two and a half years at UDLA (Universidad de las Americas) and is currently studying multimedia and audiovisual production at the same institution.  His primary musical influences include Nightwish, Thomas Bergersen, Jo Blankenburg and Jeremy Soule.  Though he has not previously worked as a composer, rather as a guitarist, he is very much looking forward to performing such a role for this project.  Indeed, he principally considers himself a metalhead and enjoys listening to melodic death metal such as Arch Enemy, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility and Equilibrium. From the entire team, welcome aboard! 

A couple of weeks ago Mateo sent me an early draft of his Dream-Quest theme, a song that we envisioned would play during the opening title screen.  I really enjoyed that version of the song, but his newly expanded iteration of it is much improved and serves to give the player a greater sense of dread and scope. Be sure to click on the following link to hear the entire song: Dream-Quest Theme.

After creating such an inspired work, I think that you'll agree with the rest of the team that we all look forward to Mateo's next contributions to the project!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cat of Saturn Concept Art

This week we have Luis' Cat of Saturn concept image for your consideration.  Instead of having me introduce it, I thought that I would include a little blurb he wrote up regarding this strange beast.  Here's Luis' description of how this lunar feline might conduct itself in the game: 
During game play the Cat of Saturn would be able to jump through dimensions and use different body parts to attack Carter from multiple angles. This method of attack could be used by the creature in the top-down map as a way to stalk Carter from afar and to avoid damage; leaving its tail as bait or dummy. During side battles, the Cat of Saturn could blink out for a turn, leaving its tail as anchor, and blink-attack the next turn.  Through this method of attack, Carter and his cat allies can attack the tail on the first turn, delivering a small amount of damage, and would receive a highly effective attack the next turn. The down-side to these creatures would be their ridiculously low health or vulnerability to being bound to this dimension by an item, thus making it impossible to avoid a full blow. 

As you can see from the drawing and Luis' detailed explanation of its abilities, this enemy character offers quite a few distinctive challenges for Carter on the moon level of Dream-Quest

Finally, I wanted to let you in on some recent news regarding our attempt to secure a musician to score the game.  Luis reached out to his friend Mateo Galarza, a musician in Ecuador, to do just that and he has thankfully agreed to help create music and sounds for our initial demo.  From what I've heard so far, I think that his style of music will fit in perfectly with our vision of the game, and I hope to post something the minute Mateo has completed the initial Dream-Quest theme.  Until next time!