Monday, May 18, 2015

Further Developments in the Game's Mechanics and a Sneak Peek at a Level 2 Enemy

This will be a very short post this week but we are making substantial progress on the mechanics of the game in Game Maker and it's definitely worth sharing.  Presently Carter can run around the graveyard with his fellow explorer Harley Warren in tow during the beginning portion of Level 1.  Eventually we hope to give an electric lantern to Warren in order to light the dark corners of the first level and allow the player to see and attack their enemies.  Additionally, you'll note from the video that the player can press a button to trigger additional stamina, resulting in a burst of speed until the upper left circular gauge has been exhausted.  The design of this meter is still being worked on and no final decision has been made as to what it will actually look like but at least you can get a feel for what we're trying to do with the game's mechanics. 

In other developments, Luis continues to churn out fantastic concept art for the creatures populating the first few levels of the game.  This week, he has submitted an image of a feral dog that will lurk, likely in packs, in the treacherous alleyways of the second level of the Wake World, Boston (and the real beginning of the novella, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kaddath). 

Have a great rest of the week and keep checking on this site for further updates!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A New Concept Image, Carter Swings His Shovel & An Interview With Sara

For this week's update, I wanted to first post a new concept image of an alligator by Luis that will lurk in the periphery of the swamp in the game's Level 1 southern graveyard.  We hope to include a couple of these hulking reptiles to serve as potential obstacles for the player to avoid.  Significantly, they are not an enemy that you could necessarily “beat,” rather they attack and kill Carter if the player ventures too close to the swamp's edge. 

Concept art by Luis Merlo

In other news, my efforts to port some of the pixel art and animation into Game Maker have met with some limited success as can be seen in the short YouTube clip below.  I've changed Carter's side view running animation to reflect the new revised look, based on Sara's comments, and have included the ability for the player to press A on an Xbox controller in order to utilize the shovel to attack this level's enemies.  Additionally, I've fixed the ghouls' coding so they now turn toward whichever direction Carter is located relative to their own position.

Finally, if you didn't get an opportunity to already check it out, Sara recently did an interview with the crew behind the Cthulhu Project to answer a few questions about her Lovely Lovecraft webcomic and her involvement with our The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath video game adaptation.  It's a very entertaining and informative read, so head on over to learn more about one of our key contributors. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath on Facebook

For those who are just discovering the project, be sure to like us on Facebook to get future updates as new details are posted on this site.  Also, the team would like to ask that you help spread the word regarding our project by liking our updates and posting links to our site on Facebook to help raise awareness of it.  The more followers and fans we get, the greater likelihood that we attract the caliber and number of volunteers necessary to help complete the initial part of the game on a reasonable timeline and get it out to our audience.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

More Pixels!

Two versions of Nyarlathotep based on the new concepts I will post on the next update.

Harley Warren and Menes. Based on Benedetta Sica and Sara Bardi's artworks.
Ghoul Boss, right and left view. Based on the artwork by Luis Merlo.
Gug. Based on the artwork by Luis Merlo.

Ghast. Based on the artwork by Sara Bardi. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Level One Enemy Concept Art and Jumping & Shovel Swinging Animations for Carter

Happy Friday, everyone.  This is Nate checking in to reveal a couple of new concept images by Luis of the lesser enemies we hope to populate level one with as well as a two new pixel animations.  As previously mentioned, level one is based on Lovecraft's "The Statement of Randolph Carter", which is set in an unnamed southern graveyard.  The setting for this level will contain a multitude of gravestones, creepy bald cypress trees, cattails, water lilies, and of course, weeping angels!  In terms of influences, we're looking at the graveyard and marsh levels in Castlevania III:  Dracula's Curse, the cemetery above Midian in the film Nightbreed and even the cemetery featured in French director Jean Rollin's The Iron Rose. The two lesser enemies I hope to highlight this week include a spider and bat, both of which were skillfully illustrated by Luis and can be seen below.

 Bat character concept art by Luis Merlo

Spider character concept art by Luis Merlo

As I mentioned in a previous post, the player can negotiate the enemies Carter encounters in the game in one of two ways:  he can outright avoid them or interact with them via an overhead perspective or, alternatively, he may enter into a side view turn based battle with a press of the button, conditional on whether the given enemy is within range.  Both methods of engagement offer certain advantages that we will be sure to further elaborate upon in a subsequent post.  For now, it's important to note that the initial enemy characters of the bat and spider provide a prime opportunity for the player to engage in both forms of combat and learn the finer mechanics of the game's battle systems.     

Luis suggested that these enemy characters could be fought as a kind of training exercise before the pivotal scene in the half-obliterated sepulcher that Harley Warren descends into.  Additionally, while we haven't determined how lighting plays a part in the game, there is an idea floating around that perhaps Warren could passively follow Carter around this first half of the level with the electric lantern, while Carter does battle with these lesser enemies.  

Turning to pixel animation, I've come up with both side view jumping sprites and shovel attack sprites for Randolph Carter that are based upon recent revisions Sara suggested be made to the character.  You'll notice that Carter's head has been reduced in width somewhat and his glasses repositioned.   

Randolph Carter sprite based on the original work of Sara Bardi by Nate Wallace

 Jumping animation by Nate Wallace
Shovel attack animation by Nate Wallace

That's all of the images I have to share for now but please continue to follow our team's progress as we create pixel assets for the level and continue to crank out concept art.  Again, I want to remind those who wish to join our project that we still are in dire need of volunteer pixel artists/animators and a musician to provide the game's soundtrack and effects.  Right now we have no resources to pay anyone but those who help us get the project off the ground will be the first to get paid to create new work if we opt to launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. You can contact me, Nate, at or Sara at for more information.