Monday, April 13, 2015

New Pixel Animation

Nate here.  I wanted to offer a quick post to let those who are interested in our project view our early attempts to port over some of Sara's work into Game Maker.  Below, you'll see some preliminary pixel animations of Carter standing still, walking backwards, walking forwards and walking to the right.  It's important to keep in mind that these animations are merely rough drafts at this point and will undoubtedly be improved in the future. 

Once the animations were completed I went ahead and placed each of them into Game Maker and, with a little coding, Carter is now able to move around the screen with the input of an Xbox controller.  Additionally, I brought in some of the tombstones Sara made of the graveyard in the Vale of Pnath to serve as solid objects for Carter to negotiate as well as her pixel version of the ghoul from that same concept image to serve as an enemy.  You can see the preliminary results of this early Game Maker work in a brief video here

At this point the team is concentrating on creating the first level of the game, which we have decided will revolve around the events of "The Statement of Randolph Carter".  We felt as though this was a perfect place to start the game since, not only is it Lovecraft's first Randolph Carter story, but it potentially provides a strong framing device that allows the player to have early contact with the race of ghouls who are significant characters in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.  A forthcoming post will go into greater detail about this first level and our decision to use "The Statement of Randolph Carter" within the game. 

In other news, Luis has recently completed a concept drawing of the common ghoul that the team will be using as a model for ghoul-related pixel art. 

Finally, I wanted to emphasize that we're still looking for volunteer pixel artists/animators and a Game Maker programmer to help us realize our vision.  Though such work is voluntary and unpaid at this stage, there have been discussions about making this project an actual Kickstarter campaign once we lay enough of the foundation of the game.  Those who have been working on the project will be the first to be offered paid positions if such funding efforts are successful.  You can contact us at the following email addresses for further information about the project:

Nate -
Sara -

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