Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello world!
I am Sara Bardi, conceptual artist of the Dream Quest game and main responsable of all the bad grammar you'll find in this blog. Me and Nate were working together for some time now and trying to figure out how the game's graphics may look like and  how our ideas can be implemented in the gameplay.
We had several brainstorming sessions by email and now I want to show you what our combined minds produced in the past months.

Of course, the first thing to design was our protagonist, Randolph Carter. Here you can see many variations of him, in some he looks quite similar to Lovecraft, in others he's almost a complete different character except for the fact that he keeps his slender and intellectual look.


 In the mean time, I am doing some concepts for support-characters such as the Bearded Priests Nash and Kaman-Thah, Queen Nitocris, Nyarlathotep and Madame Greenevsky (Sonia Greene).

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